Household Staff



Homebased child cares that can work independently or along side parents. They can work part time or fultime. They can also live in or out pedending on your needs.




They are their to drive who ever you require them to drive. They are always of a friendly deposition, are friendly and flexible.


Personal Assistant:


They organise the diary, scedule meetings and take minutes. In some households they are refered to as House Managers. Some organise events for the family and occasions.




Will tend to your garden all year round or as often as you need them. They could be seasonal workers or permenet full time or part time staff depending on the size of your garden.




Will prepare all household meals on demand or at times agreed by the family. The person carrying out this role may also have other duties within the household, like driving or housekeeping.




A chef will prepare your food to the highest standard, is also proficient in all aspects of food preparation.




The Housekeeper will look after the house, cook if required, clean where need be, do the shopping and also combine this role with any other one as duty demands. We also have Filipino Housekeepers.





Are staff that experienced in providing social duties to people that live alone, or the elderly. They can sometimes act as House manager. The main duties carried out depend upon the requirements of the clients. 


Sensitive Touch Placements